It was a relief to feel the fire

The afternoon after a recent blizzard, well, you know I had to go outside extra early to start shoveling snow.

After I was done shoveling the entire walkway, I decided to get out the snowblower because the snow under my feet was pretty deep.

I particularly should have used the snowblower that day for the walkway as well, but I care about shoveling snow for the most part. I feel you could say it’s honestly somewhat therapeutic. The snow was absolutely light plus the wind was truly blowing a great amount. I was alright until I blew the snow in the wrong damn direction towards the wind plus the snow whipped right back into our stupid face. I don’t have a problem with snow or anything, however the snow crashing on our face was causing me to feel cold. When I was finally done with clearing the lengthy driveway, I ran back inside to the comfort of the gas furnace. I also thought it was just about the right time to get a fire going in the fireplace. I sat there immediately next to the fireplace until I felt nice plus toasty plus I felt care as if I could function again. It was still pretty early in the day plus I knew I had about a minute until the youngsters had to get up for school. I rapidly decided to take a nap in front of the fireplace until it was time to get the youngsters ready. Well, in the end it turned out that school was cancelled because of all the wind. I could have relaxed there forever instead of feeling the extreme cold from that snow blowing in our face.

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