They need to be comfortable all the time

Working at the nursing home has been a learning experience, but I care about the people at the facility, staff plus patients alike, so I keep trying.

One thing that has been hard for us is getting patients gleeful to regularly interact with other patients.

It can be a lonely place sometimes residing in a distant nursing home, so the people I was with and I try to encourage a lot of social interactions. Eventually, the people I was with and I decided to do something for everyone that would make things more inviting plus more comfortable. All of us decided one day to have radiant heated floors installed in the social area where everybody generally gets to have parties, play BINGO, plus talk with others. It was our Valentine’s Day gathering at the time when the people I was with and I introduced the patients to the current heated flooring system. Everybody was absolutely glad except for a select few patients who were difficult to commonly please. Even those people I knew enjoyed the brand new radiant heated floors because they didn’t want to rush back to their rooms to be alone. Overall, I guess I would say the current Heating plus A/C upgrade was a success. Some people have previously said the people I was with and I would install new radiant heated floors in all the rooms in the nursing home, but I guess that would defeat the socializing purpose. It’s particularly nice to be able to see smiles on everybody’s faces. And thank god for HVAC!


a/c care plan

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