Why Ignore The Signs? Save Time NOW Before The Dime Becomes A Dollar!

You should know them better than anyone.

The sounds, sights and smells of ductwork in need of HVAC service.

But don’t feel bad if you’re not used to them yet. If you are new to the world of either home owning or rental, your air conditioning and furnace are probably not on your list of priorities. Consider it to be like taking your car to the repair shop when your hear a “tick tick whirrrrrrrrrrrrrr bump” or an “ rrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ding ding flingle froop” when turning a corner. Some of the pre-warning signs of your HVAC system in need of maintenance are a musty odor that blasts through your vents when the furnace is turned on; especially if the odor does not go away. A huff and puff loud auto shut off before finally igniting, a whining from any exterior air conditioning system, a sweet smell when it does run and any sudden interest in it from outside pests, rust drips along outside bricks, stone etc, ANY REMOTE and uncommon physical signs of discomfort, lethargy. Allergies that were non existent before. Do you recall the last time you checked the warranty date on the service tag? Do you know where the warranty tag is? When you experience your first time having your air conditioning and heating system serviced, make that known when booking your appointment and ask if you may be included to safely accompany the technician to ask questions pertinent to the service. Getting to know the basic ins and outs of the structure and where to look first in case of an emergency. DON’T, however, use this as an opportunity to out diagnose the HVAC technician’s knowledge or request to not attempt certain “DIY” pitfalls. Don’t risk voiding your warranty or worse; causing equipment failure or risk personal injury.Your HVAC technicians are trained to handle the job. Trust them.Your home, health and safety are theirs too.


Commercial HVAC

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