Climate control really should be a basic human right!

I went to a beach house one time, after surfing all day long with my ex – girlfriend.

  • And what I found, when I got there, was that it was a dirty mess of a hut, quite literally speaking —- the towels were missing from each and every single one of the racks ; the toilets were reeking of urine and fungus smells, not to mention a few other odors I will not dare to mention here ; and the windows were cracked shut so that they could not be opened…

sealed, so to speak. ONE thing, on the other hand, that I DID note, was that the air conditioner was doing its job as it ought, and the attendant there told me that it was turned on just a minute ago and that the smells would soon become a thing of the past. I was told that an HVAC attendant just installed and serviced the unit shortly before I arrived, and that the beach hut’s service team would be arriving shortly to re – stock everything and apply some Febreze. So all in all, in those few moments I waited, the air conditioning inside served as my little square of heaven. I propped my face right up to it, and didn’t feel the heat from outside or the smell from within, any longer. That air conditioner saved me and gave some bliss to my soul for those few short minutes, and the rest of the day was a walk in paradise, literally speaking… I hope you get my drift, he heh.


Air conditioning technician

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