I am always tinkering with the HVAC system

I once took a nice, long road trip drive all the way down to a warmer climate.

And heck, it sure was a blast.

I went through so many weather changes, from cold to hot, to eventually warm, just like I like it. I travelled to many states, came back, and then did it all over again. Money was no object at the time, so to speak, and I had all the time in the world with my new fiancĂ©. It was a special little drive, one that neither her nor I will ever stop thinking about (even now, many years later). But ONE particular moment, along the way, which we DID hope to forget, but still can not, he he heh, would be that time our heating and cooling system in our hotel room failed to operate — literally, after a couple of minutes of turning the cooling on, the whole thing turned off on itself and would not run again. You could see the power button no longer operating, and nothing we tried to do, this time around, actually seemed to work. We knew that the hotel would likely have to call in an HVAC tech to come in and take a look, which might, in turn, hamper our schedule and comfort. But we also know that the sooner we let the hotel know of this HVAC unit issue, the sooner they would get a tech out here to make a diagnosis on it. Aside from that little air conditioner hiccup, the rest of the trip was like a cool breeze on a hot day….just perfect.


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