We want to seal in the air

I am going to update all the unsightly windows in our household.

  • My goodness it is going to be costly plus energy consuming.

I have started out slowly but eventually I will just need to finally choose a day to do the whole project. Both bathrooms have been finished plus gotten a current window. My family room window was actually updated about a year ago. My fiance recently added a window to the small laundry room. There are still the family room windows plus all the others in the home to go. That is about 10 windows that need to be updated. Everybody I know thinks I am ridiculous for wanting to update them. They aren’t cracked plus I figure if you really dedicate yourself, you can get them open. I would adore to be able to open our window for a fresh breeze. I also would adore to turn off the powerful A/C in the summertime plus just use the open windows instead. In the middle of wintertime I suppose having airtight windows would be better for the continual utility bills. Right now I think there is no way that the air isn’t actually leaking through. I can know how frigid it is around the frames. Having new, modern, current windows put in will be better! Pretty sure our windows are from the 50s. The hardware is all old plus rusted. The glass is fogged plus has nasty webs on them. It really makes sense to update everything to make it so much better heating plus cooling wise. I also adore the thought of the windows looking improved.

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