Benefits of heated floors

In my opinion, radiant heated floors are the best type of heating system.

One of the only drawbacks of heated floors is the lack of a central cooling option.

In the area where I live, the winter conditions linger for around eight months, and we often experience temperatures well below zero. I am always thrilled to finally open the windows and bring fresh air inside. I don’t want to start paying to run an air conditioner. Since our summers are short and often wet and chilly, window air conditioners in the bedrooms are sufficient. Heating is definitely the priority. An effective, efficient and reliable heating system is a must. My house has a boiler in the basement that heats up water and sends it through a series of pipes concealed beneath the floor. The operation is virtually silent and especially clean. The pipes create a closed loop system and avoid pulling in contaminants and distributing them into our breathing air. Because the pipes are installed under the floors, the heating equipment takes up no living space. I don’t need to arrange my furniture to accommodate supply and return vents. There are no unattractive components detracting from my decor. The heat is infused rather than blown into the room, avoiding drafts and temperature fluctuations. At any given time, the temperature from floor to ceiling is no more than three degrees from the thermostat setting. Every object sitting on the floor is warmed up and further radiates heat. There are no cold surfaces stealing heat. A big benefit of heated floors is the opportunity for zone control. We have a thermostat in each room that allows independent adjustment. I am not forced to heat empty rooms to the ideal temperature and can save quite a bit of money on my energy bills. It’s very nice that each family member can customize the comfort of their bedroom.

Quality heating and air

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