Duct cleaning improves furnace performance

The process took a couple of hours but caused no mess or damage

Last winter, I noticed that whenever the furnace started up, I started sneezing. Once I began paying closer attention, I realized that it was necessary to dust and vacuum more frequently. There was definitely a higher concentration of pollutants circulating throughout the house. When I mentioned my concerns about indoor air quality to my husband, he said that he’d been dealing with frequent headaches and difficulty sleeping. I immediately hired an HVAC contractor to check out of the furnace. The technician took the heating unit apart and found a significant buildup of dust and other debris. He also tested the ductwork and discovered an alarming amount of contaminants, including bugs, webs and even decomposing rodents. Every time the furnace ran, it was distributing pollutants into our breathing air. Plus, the buildup within the ductwork was restricting airflow and forcing the furnace to work harder and run longer. This was causing issues with comfort, greater energy use and higher utility costs. The technician recommended a thorough duct cleaning. Since the pipes are concealed inside the walls and ceilings, I wasn’t sure how he was going to access them. He brought in a machine that resembled an industrial sized vacuum cleaner with a very long hose. The hose included a brush attachment that works to dislodge stubborn buildup of debris. He inserted the brush and hose into the ducts and through the use of suction, removed the contaminants. The process took a couple of hours but caused no mess or damage. The duct cleaning greatly improved the performance of the furnace and both comfort and cleanliness of the home.
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