High cost of geothermal heat pump is worth it

A geothermal heat pump is one of the most expensive types of heating and cooling systems to install.

The operation relies on an underground loop system that requires major excavation.

However, there are federal tax credits available and the price of these systems has come down in recent years. Plus, a geothermal heat pump offers a 400% efficiency rating. For every unit of energy the equipment uses to operate, it produces four units of energy, making it the most environmentally friendly option on the market. Installing a geothermal heat pump can cut heating and cooling costs by 50%. These systems typically recover the initial investment in under five years. Because the heat pump is situated inside the home and protected from the elements, it should last upwards of twenty years. The underground loop is normally warrantied for 50 years and can be expected to last double that. The heat pump has very few moving parts, minimizing both maintenance and the chance of malfunction. Geothermal systems take advantage of the free and renewable energy source found underground. No matter the weather, the underground temperature remains stable. During the winter, the geothermal system pulls heat out of the ground and transfers it into the house. In the summer, the operation reverses to draw heat out of the house and deliver it into the ground. The geothermal heat pump also provides a virtually free source of hot water. The system won’t dry out the air in the winter and effectively combat humidity in the summer. Despite the higher cost of a geothermal heat pump, it is one of the most beneficial options available.
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