Maintenance for furnace and air conditioner

I am conscientious about the upkeep of important household equipment, systems and machines.

I make sure to drain the water heater every year and clean the dryer vent before every new load of clothes.

I remove the debris from the gutters on the house, make sure to have the blades sharpened on the lawn mower and schedule regular oil changes for my vehicles. A priority is the care of the furnace and air conditioner. In my local area, the temperature swings from the low nineties to twenty-five below zero. We switch between relying on the air conditioner to operate the furnace, with very little break in-between. Heating and cooling adds up to about 50% of the household energy bill. I know that by keeping up with annual service of the system, it will operate more efficiently and dependably. I have enrolled in a maintenance program with a local HVAC company. They call to remind me to schedule upkeep in the fall for the furnace and in the spring for the air conditioner. A technician comes to the house and completes a thorough inspection, cleaning, testing and adjustment of the system. He identifies any worn or broken parts and replaces them. He tightens electrical connections, lubricates moving parts and verifies the operation of the thermostat. For the air conditioner, he tests the refrigerant charge and cleans the cooling coils. For the furnace, he inspects the heat exchanger and cleans the burner assembly. Having these tasks completed prevents the majority of malfunctions and extends the service life of the equipment. I can be sure the heating and cooling system provide safe, energy efficient comfort. I can take confidence in our indoor air quality. I also know that I’ve met the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty. If there are any problems, the furnace and air conditioner are covered.

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