Updating the thermostat

Until recently, my home’s thermostat was an ancient plastic dial that required manual adjustment. Whenever a member of the family wanted to change the temperature setting, we needed to walk to the living room and physically turn the dial. The only function of the thermostat was temperature setting, and I don’t believe it was entirely accurate. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to replace the thermostat. Because it fulfilled my expectations, I never considered updating to a new model. It wasn’t until we had a brand new furnace and air conditioner installed that I purchased a better thermostat. The contractor who handled the installation project recommended that we take advantage of the benefits of zone control and wifi connectivity. We now have a smart thermostat that works to conserve energy, maximize comfort and reduce the cost of our utility bills. The thermostat in the living room acts like a central hub that manages the controls in each room of the house. Through an app on my phone, I’m able to access the thermostat and set customized temperatures according to occupancy, preference and room requirements. I no longer need to pay to heat and cool empty areas of the house. Plus the thermostat reminds me when it’s time to replace filters or schedule regular maintenance. It sends alerts when there’s a temperature fluctuation or power outage. I can take advantage of energy saving tips and humidity control. It’s very convenient that the thermostat knows our daily schedule and adjusts automatically. We always come home to a perfectly comfortable house.
Commercial AC

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