New cooling equipment as a push gift

I took her through heat and AC products that I knew would suit her needs.

My close friend Gwen got a baby girl about a month ago, and since I was away at work, I hadn’t seen her and the baby. When I returned from my travels, I decided to spend the week I had off with Gwen and the baby. I work in the cooling industry as an HVAC professional. I had traveled to attend a conference about the latest cooling technology. When I got to Gwen’s house, she ran to me, baby in her arms, and gave me a huge warm hug. I noticed strange noises from the air conditioning system, so I decided to check it out. Gwen said she had not replaced the air conditioning filter, but I insisted on checking. Gwen told me to call a cooling expert since I was on leave, but I insisted on doing the work. There was no point in calling an HVAC tech while I was one myself; leave or not, I wanted to do this for her. I inspected the unit and was sad to report that they needed a new HVAC. Thankfully, the programmable thermostat was in good condition. I took her through heat and AC products that I knew would suit her needs. We chose a quality HVAC together, but she was hesitant and told me she would purchase it in a month or two. I knew things in her household were a bit tough with the baby, so I offered to pay for half the cost as a gift, and I would not take no for an answer. I would also take care of the air conditioning installation. One of the new contractors, a friend of Gwen’s husband, helped me set up the cooling equipment.

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