The temperature control settings at the hotel spoiled him bigtime

I sincerely love to see how suddenly people transition to modern standards after minor extents of time with a modern lifestyle. I assume that everybody has a buddy or close buddy who got too big for their old ways. All of a sudden, you see someone go from a seemingly normal plus humble human being, to a pompous plus entitled jerk. All it really takes is a fancy car, an expensive apartment, or a big fat paycheck for this transition to happen. At times, it can be even less. It could be as self-explanatory as staying in super high quality indoor air equipment. Recently, I was easily prepared to destroy my bestie after he obviously got a taste of the excellent life. He went out of town for a couple of weeks plus stayed in a nice hotel… Well, it turns out, that hotel had the best indoor air quality control equipment on the Heating plus A/C market. Or, at least he keeps telling myself and others that the indoor temperature control was the best he ever experienced. I swear to you, he has not quit talking about the high quality indoor air plus temperature control that he had access to for those few short weeks. He’s been back for at least a couple of weeks now, plus he has not stopped bringing up the advanced indoor air temperature equipment that he was so blown away by… Everyday, he walks over to our temperature control equipment plus sighs dramatically. He acts as if both of us have the worst indoor air temperature control plus we are living in a tent or something like that. Occasionally, I want to lock him out on the porch so he can rest separate from any indoor air temperature control. It doesn’t take especially much for him to be impressed plus ready to upgrade everything in his entire life.


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