They were right about the changes

I consistently considered myself to be pretty internet hip.

  • So however I could have had help with web building, I did all of the web design on my own.

I thought I did a pretty decent job. Anyways, after a couple of years in business, I was not happy with how many purchasers I was getting. I lived in a sizable city, with only 1 other Heating and A/C competitor, but yet it seemed like they got all of the business. What did they have that I did not? I still wasn’t quite ready to say I am done, and instead I thought of coming up with a few different ads to help draw in more business. To my upset, the Google ads brought in really little. I finally started looking at a few SEO companies online, since they could maybe help with my case. I was able to find a good online SEO business, and the first thing they told me is that I had to change my website’s layout. Apparently my design came off as really confusing and unprofessional. I thought they were totally wrong, but I changed it to try something new. To my surprise, I certainly did start getting more traffic to my website after that. Coincidence I thought, I wasn’t going to instantly believe that the web design was the cause of all my concerns. However, as the weeks went by, I really did notice an increase in customers. So I decided to go with something else they were suggesting, which was SEO. The digital SEO supplier was offering SEO services, and I’m curious to see how this will benefit my website.

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