Changing eating and workout habits

Changing my eating habits was difficult for me.

I have always been a larger guy.

I wasn’t just a little chubby, I was obese at a young age. Part of this is the result of genetics. Some of it was the eating habits I learned from my family. I developed such horrible eating habits over the years that I was putting my health at risk and shortening my lifespan. My wife provided a new perspective. She helped me to make small changes that created a big impact. Switching from eating from burgers and pizza to a healthier diet got me feeling better. However, transitioning into active participation in physical exercise was the hardest step to take. I found a workout program that was really motivational and a lot of fun. I was reluctant at first but I enjoy doing it! However, after working out at the gym for a few hours, I was so hungry. I found myself craving the very worst kinds of foods. Experts on nutritional programs always recommend fruits and vegetables. They like to say they are just as tasty as junk food. I never crave fruits and vegetables. I always prefer a bacon double cheeseburger. However, being committed to a workout program means paying attention to everything from sleep habits to eating habits. I take cross fit classes three times a week. I have joined a weight training class that meets on the weekends. The group fitness classes hold me accountable. I feel like I have to show up because I paid for the class. I’ve also made some friends who are expecting me. Plus, I have the benefit of a fitness expert guiding the workout. They definitely push me harder than I could ever motivate myself.


Local gym

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