My mom overdoes the running

My mom always went jogging.

She’d run for a workout several days of the week, choosing a route around the local neighborhood.

Her feet often ached. Her knees and hips were always giving her some problems, but overall she felt strong and healthy. My mom never dealt with a weight problem. The running burned plenty of calories and kept her fit. The years of running did take a toll on her body. While I also like to run, I have been better about avoiding excess impact on my joints. Unlike my mother, I invested in an expensive pair of sneakers especially designed for running. Prior to the run, I take the time to properly warm up. I stretch all of my muscles, including the neck, back, shoulders and hips. I do light cardio to get all of the muscles and joints nice and loose. I start the run at a slow and easy pace and gradually increase speed. I never run more than ten miles. I never run two days in a row. In-between, I allow my body to rest. I switch to low impact exercises. I might swim or ride my bike. I do abdominal crunches, sit ups, push ups, pull ups and squats. I lift weights. I try for muscle confusion and a whole body fitness program. Because of this, I don’t have the concerns with aches and pains that my mother does. She has dealt with plantar fasciitis for many years. She makes regular trips to the chiropractor. I’ve tried to convince her to back off the running program but she won’t listen.
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