My workout program started out with a long walk

It all began with a lengthy walk around the city.

When I was a teenager and first got my license, I drove everywhere.

Even if the destination was just up the street, I drove. It wasn’t until the first wave of the COVID quarantine, when I had no reason to drive that I started walking. I was bored and wanted to get out of the house. Every business was closed and we were all supposed to remain inside. However, I own a few acres of land. One morning I decided to go for a walk around the property. This encouraged me to become more proactive about my physical health and wellness. I have never signed up for a gym membership. I have no desire to spend time at a fitness center. That doesn’t mean I can’t make an effort to improve my physical fitness. After a week of daily walks around the property, I realized I was sleeping better. I elevated my endeavor and started walking further and further every morning. After another couple of weeks, I had worn a smooth path around the property. I decided to take my training methods to the next level. I started running the trail. I figured out that twice around equals a mile. I began working to increase distance while reducing my times. I worked my way up to running six to ten miles per day and managing ten-minute-miles. I feel better than I ever have. I love breathing fresh air and elevating my heart rate. I have a sense of accomplishment and have noticed I am in a far better mood. I’ve lost weight yet feel stronger than ever. I’ve also added dedicated stretching to my daily routine and I’m being more careful about my diet. I have ordered a set of free weights so that I can include strength training as well.

Nutritional Counseling

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Cape Town, South Africa