Realizing the importance of physical fitness

I naturally have a very lean build.

A lot of my friends were rail thin as kids and then when puberty started, they got chubby.

That didn’t happen to me. I stayed thin no matter how much I ate. The types of food I ate and working out never really mattered. I always remained the same weight. Now that I am in my mid 30s, my weight is still not a worry for me. I have come to realize, however, that being healthy is about more than just keeping my weight under control. Physical fitness is important in so ways. The size of the body is just a small part of that. I have recently gotten into yoga. It’s not about losing weight or burning a ton of calories. Yoga is a total body workout with a focus on improving flexibility, strength and balance. The movements also help with proper breathing. Their is an emphais placed on relaxation. Yoga has helped both my physical and mental health. I haven’t lost or gained a pound because of it. Because of wanting to be better at yoga, I have started a strength training program. I’ve realized that to accomplish the more strenuous yoga poses, I need to better balance. Balance involves strength. The muscles need to be able to maintain the various positions. I have purchased a set of free weights and have strated lifting every other day. I use low weight with high repitition. I am also adding in body weight holds, push ups and pull ups. I do sets of lunges and squats as well. I have noticed that I can no perfrom more of each exercise and have less soreness afterward. I am accomplishing more difficult poses during yoga class. For the next session, I will move into a more advanced yoga class. I am super excited.

Wellness and Recovery Programs

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