Working to improve my health and fitness

I am improving myself and my overall health

As a teenager, my focus was primarily on weight training. Looking back on it, lifting weights wasn’t something I enjoyed. I liked the social aspect. The entire football team worked out in the weight room. We talked about the games, made plans for the weekends and joked around with each other. Once I headed to college and no longer played football, weights training was no longer as fun. I eventually got away from lifting. As I approach middle age, I am paying more attention to my personal fitness. This time, I am expanding my focus beyond simply lifting weights. Now my goals are about overall health. I will still use weight lifting to help develop a strong core. I also want to increase endurance and flexibility. I have started doing a lot of yoga. I have been attended several different types of group fitness classes per week to try new things and benefit from guided workouts. I tried cross fit classes, spin, pilates and boot camp. I find the inward-looking nature of yoga is extremely helpful for relaxation and relieving stress. I feel very refreshed and energized at the end of the class. It helps to foster a more positive outlook. I like to combine the yoga with my own program that incorporates high intensity cardio with strength training. I am improving myself and my overall health. Yoga encourages me to focus on my body and mind. I am learning my limits and how to push them in new directions.
Group Fitness Training Classes

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Cape Town, South Africa