Working with a nutrionalist and personal trainer toward better fitness

I often blame Burger World for my weight gain.

I know that it is my lack of willpower.

Several years ago, a new restaurant opened within walking distance of my apartment. I wish I’d never tried it. They make the best burgers I’ve ever tasted. Their fries and onion rings are amazing. Their milkshakes are my favorite. I love every flavor. I started going there for lunch several times a week. Then I realized that I could no longer fit into my pants. I definitely need more exercise. I also need to change my eating habits. If I want to improve my level of physical fitness and health, I need to lose the burger weight. Before I started working out at a local gym, I wanted to speak to a professional about proper diet. Due to COVID, most nutritional counseling programs had switched to online only. I was thankful that I could still access professional counselling during quarantine. I was able to schedule an appointment with a nutritionalist and take advanvate of a consultation over Zoom. She was helpful. She provided some great advice and tips. She sent me online resources to help develop a healthy menu that will suit my tastes and help to reduce my calorie intake. She also provided recommendations for fitness coaching. She encouraged me to work with a personal trainer. This has resulted in a more personalized workout program to target my priorities. Getting more active was a slow process. The personal trainer has been really supporting and encouraging. The workout program is extremely strenuous and continues to become more demanding as I make progress.

Wellness and fitness

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