Bee rescue services are good for the environment

A lot of people mistakenly assume that insects are pests with no purpose other than annoying humans in indoor spaces.

I have told people that there is nothing better for annoying insects like ants and cockroaches than to have larger bugs around like wolf spiders to eat them.

But a lot of people are terrified by wolf spiders and I understand that. If they’re in your garage, attic, or basement, just leave them alone. Only get rid of them if they’re encroaching on your indoor living space, otherwise they’re healthy for the environment in and around your house. People are often too quick to kill insects whenever they find them. I hate ants to death, but I accept the fact that they are an essential step in the natural decomposition process on Earth. A lot of organic material would continually rot and fester bacteria if it wasn’t for ants. People also like to exterminate wasps and bees because of their fear of them or the inconvenience of having those insects flying around their homes. But wasps and bees are essential for the environment because they pollinate flowers and other plants. Our agricultural industry would take a massive hit if we lost all of our bees and wasps, creating dire side effects that we would never recover from. This is why I recommend bee rescue services to anyone I know who uses exterminators. This way the bees can be removed from your property without killing them. They can be put in the woods on public land where they can prosper and continually pollinate plants until their demise. It might cost more to rescue bees opposed to total extermination, but it’s worth the higher cost.

Honey bee help

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