Finding a way to work out

During my junior year of high school my whole life changed.

I don’t want to get into the maudlin details, but I had to uproot my life and move out to a farm in the dire wastelands of the midwest.

I was a city boy through and through, and such a drastic change really shook me. I gave up on sports, my grades hit the skids, and I started putting on a lot of weight. I had played football before, but out here the school was too small to even field a team! There was no gym in the entire town, and I lost interest in doing anything at all. I was always huge on weight lifting, but I didn’t have my own weight set so there was no option for me here! I found that without a steady health and wellness program my muscled physique slowly began to soften and turn to flab. I was always a big dude, but now without no gym access I was turning into a fat dude. I started a new workout program quite by accident, during a long walk around the outside of the property. I found an old, abandoned barn, and although it didn’t have gym equipment in it, it did have an old tractor, some chains, and hundreds of pieces of pipe. I decided to approach the barn like it was a gym, and started pulling the tractor short distances, and lifting the pipes across the room like weights. It wasn’t nearly as good as a gym, but at least it was something!


Personal Training Center

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