I had to have a glamorous bedroom

I am a spoiled woman who needs to have everything she wants.

My parents were well-off and we were all raised to be a bit of the bratty type.

When we wanted something we got it, regardless of what it was. If dad and mom didn’t give it to my sister and I, we would throw fits. I now know that we were acting horrible, but that is how we were raised. I married a simple man and I knew I couldn’t have what I had as a child. The only thing I insisted on was having a glamorous bedroom for our daughter when we bought our home. I picked out a bed that had sheer curtains hanging from the tall posts on the back of the bed. We painted the walls a royal pink and had a gold tone clock on the wall. The duvet was thick and satin. There was natural wood furniture that wasn’t painted white, but sun-bleached white. The fun part was that my husband and I hand-made the wood furniture. I was learning that it could be fun to work with your hands and not have other people making it for you. The glamorous bedroom was just about ready to move into. When our daughter finally got to see the house, she was thrilled with every bit of it. Seeing her face when she looked at her bedroom was awesome. She couldn’t believe the beautiful and glamorous bedroom we had made for her. When my husband told her that he and mommy had made the furniture, she was shocked. She didn’t think we knew how to make handmade furniture.

Elegant furniture

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