Setting up a home gym

I have been told time and again that the key to physical fitness is staying motivated. You have to be focused on your goals, and stay active no matter what. Well, this may not be a popular opinion, but that never worked for me. The key to physical fitness for me was boredom, and without the COVID lockdown I probably never would have started working out. After a few months of being trapped in the house I got so bored out of my mind that I decided to start exercising as a way to kill time. I dug some old workout equipment and mats out from the storage shed and set them up in the spare bedroom as a makeshift home gym. I don’t know where all that workout equipment came from, it had been in storage for a long time before I even moved in. It was dusty and needed a good cleaning, which proved to be a workout all its own, but at the end of it I had a passable home gym. I started spending an hour or two in there every day, cycling through weight lifting, situps and pushups, and working the heavy bag. I have to admit the 80 pound leather sandbag, like the kind professional boxers use to practice, was my favorite part of the room. I had to pace myself, and run through all of the stations of my home gym, just so I didn’t tear up my knuckles too much! I never imagined it would be this much fun, and this rewarding, to set up a home gym.


Personal Physical Training

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