You don’t need a gym for a good workout

What’s your excuse for sitting on the couch, doing nothing? Was it a hard week at work? Are the kids acting a fool, again? Problems with your spouse? Stressed out because of money? Let me tell you, there is always going to be a really good excuse to sit on your butt and be sedentary.

You have to find that intrinsic motivation inside yourself to get you up and active.

If it helps motivate you at all, I can speak from experience and say that leaving the house to work out actually helps me avoid all those other problems. The kids, the spouse, the money stress, all get left behind when I hit the gym for a workout routine. At the gym I put in my earbuds, I blast some music, and I push my body to the limit, all of which allows me to clear my mind. The gym is the closest thing to peace and quiet that I get, so I relish every moment of it. Now, for any of you who make the excuse of “I don’t have a gym” or “I don’t like the gym” or even “I can’t afford the gym” I have an easy answer for that… you don’t need a gym. The point of a workout program is to push your body and improve your health, which you don’t need any equipment to do. You can walk, jog, run, do Yoga classes on Youtube, ride a stationary bike, or any number of a hundred different exercises. Whatever you do, just crank up the music and hit it hard!


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