It took three attempts to break in for me to put up walls around our property

Dealing with a break-in at your apartment is scary, especially when it happens in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping.

  • I’m thankful that my husband was the responsible one to insist on installing a security plan with an alarm when we moved into this house.

I had never owned an apartment security system, but it’s essential when you live in the city. Every one of us is on a road where all of the houses have large front & back yards, but we’re only walking distance from downtown. That’s why we are recognizably vulnerable to robbers living in this area. You’d recognize that people would be deterred by those signs the security contractor puts in your yard to ward off would-be burglars before they get an opportunity to attempt a break-in. When it happened for the second time, I started to get irritated. In a fit of rage I decided to call a commercial fencing contractor to build a concrete fence & gate to wrap around our property. I wanted them to put security gates at the end of the driveway with a keypad & microphone. If someone wants to come inside, they’ll have to hit the button on the keypad to speak with myself and others or my husband first. After the fencing contractor built the huge wall & security gate around our property, we haven’t had any more problems with burglars. Scaling the concrete wall isn’t simple, especially with the mental prongs at the top. I think our apartment is a literal fortress now. We just need to dig a moat around the wall & fill it with irritated alligators.

Chain Link Fencing

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