Charge people based on what I consider to be an emergency

Certain people have a very different definition of “emergency” than I do.

  • There are a lot of people who I call entitled, who suppose that any inconvenience to them should be considered an emergency.

This reflects a culture of self-absorption and narcissistic avarice. When these entitled people have the extra money it takes I have no option however to do what they want. As an example, if it is the dead of winter, the temps outside are below freezing, and your heating device breaks down, that is an emergency! If it is the middle of the evening and your cooling device quits cooling the locale down to 71 degrees, that is not an emergency. It’s for this reason I have a sliding scale for what I charge on my Heating plus Air Conditioning services, depending on who it is, what it is, and when it is. If 1 of my official customers has a heating device breakdown, it doesn’t matter when it is, I will hustle over there and charge the normal rate. On the other hand, if some snowbirds call me late in the evening because they know the A/C might be a little warm, I will charge them triple the normal rate and not even feel bad at all about it. One thing I have learned is that for rich folks, they commonly don’t mind paying additional cash for Heating plus Air Conditioning service, perhaps because they don’t really know any different. As I said, the word emergency means unusual things to unusual folks, however my time and Heating plus Air Conditioning experience has tremendous value, so I will keep overcharging these people.


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