Giving up my gym membership

My apartment in the city was cramped and outdated.

My refrigerator wasn’t cold enough to keep milk from spoiling.

The oven smoked and the dishwasher leaked. I couldn’t get the landlord to fix anything. There was never anywhere to park and constant traffic noise all night long. I didn’t trust the security of the lock on my door and worried about the rising local crime rate. One of the only perks of living there was the proximity to the gym. I could walk to the gym in under ten minutes. I loved having a membership. It gave me quick and easy access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Open 24 hours, the gym provided me with a variety of treadmills and stationary bikes. There was a wide selection of ellipticals and rowing machines. There were strength training machines to target every muscle group. I frequently signed up for group classes. I really enjoyed trying the different styles of workouts, learning new things and pushing myself. I’ve taken yoga, spin, pilates, circuit training and more. When I finally was able to purchase my own home, I moved out of the inner city. I wanted more property and privacy. I am thrilled to finally have a garage where I can park my car. I appreciate the closet space, bigger kitchen and the quiet at night. However, the nearest gym is a thirty minute drive. I can’t justify such a long commute. I’ve needed to set up a home gym. While having fitness equipment on hand is really convenient, I certainly don’t have the variety I was accustomed to. Fitness equipment is extremely expensive. I am gradually adding to my inventory. So far, I’ve purchased a yoga mat, weight bench, selection of free weights and a treadmill. I am currently saving up for a stationary bike.

Nutritional Counseling

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Cape Town, South Africa