My motivation to succeed in HVAC work

You think I’m not still bitter towards my dad for what happened ten years ago? You better believe I am, and I always will be.

This was when I was almost finished with high school, and over the years my dad and I never enjoyed a nice relationship.

He was strict, a disciplinarian, from an older generation that practiced tough love. Well one day he tried to prove a point and threw away my collection of comic books that I had been amassing since childhood. I did three things, in this order — 1) I beat him up 2) I moved out 3) I got my HVAC certification and started making better money than he ever did. The first two steps happened immediately, but it took another 18 months before I finally had my HVAC certification. I will be honest, it was a very gruelling 18 months, not because of studying for the HVAC exams, but because I was homeless. I mostly lived in my car, and occasionally stayed with a friend, but what kept me focused on my HVAC certification was my old man. My hate kept me motivated, it kept me working hard, and when I finally got my certification and started working for a local HVAC contractor, it was all worth it! After I got that first paycheck for HVAC work I drove to the comic book shop and bought a big stack of comics. Much to my surprise, I found them boring. I had outgrown the motivation for my journey, but now that I was being paid for my HVAC work, I no longer need that motivation.

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