The employee had a warrant for his arrest

Over the years, I have had a ton of different employees work for my HVAC business. I took over the HVAC business when my Dad decided to retire. I’ve been running things for the past 10 years. I’ve had to hire and fire a ton of employees for many different reasons. I caught an employee sleeping on the job one time. Another time I had to let an employee go because I found out he was working for two different HVAC businesses. A very strange and odd situation happened over the weekend and it was the first time for me. On Saturday I received a telephone call from the sheriff’s office. I knew that it was the sheriff’s office because of the caller ID. The guy on the telephone tried to tell me that his name was John. He wanted to know if a certain employee was working on that day. I asked if the call was a prank and identified the number coming from the Sheriff’s Office. That’s when the police officer told me that he was a detective. He was looking for the employee that he named earlier. The employee had a warrant for his arrest. I didn’t want to get in the middle of police business, but I didn’t want anything to happen on a job site that might tarnish my good business name. I told the police that the employee was not working that day. I called the employee and told him that he needed to leave the job site and turn himself in or I would call the cop to come back.

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