The fireplace chimney was filled with soot

After my wife and I bought our house, we wanted to make sure that everything was up to code and ready-to-use.

We didn’t use a realtor and the place sold as is. One of our main concerns was the fireplace and the chimney. The previous owner had not used the fireplace in 20 years. My wife and I knew that was a cause for concern. I contacted a heating company that specializes in fireplaces. It looked like the brickwork needed to be redone as well. The heating company gave me the names of a few local contractors. I received estimates from a couple of different contractors that specialize in this type of work. One specific contractor gave me an estimate for all of the work inside and out, and I decided to use that person. The contractor replaced all of the bricks with stones from the river. It looks so much nicer than the old brick. The chimney for the fireplace was filled with tar and soot. It was thick like molasses and it took hours to clean. After the heating contractor finished cleaning the fireplace and the chimney, the new feature was ready for its first use. My wife and I purchased some seasoned wood from a local store. We got some cherry wood and blackjack. The guy at the store said the smell would be warm and inviting. We burned the first fire of the season that night. We didn’t have a single issue with the chimney and there were no horrible smells in the house. The only odor was the wonderful smell of the seasoned wood burning in the fireplace.


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