The heat in the cab smelled like cat pee

My fiance and I decided to go to the city for the weekend, so we could look at a couple of places for our wedding and reception.

We stayed at a really nice hotel by the river. We had a beautiful view of the city skyline at night. We could see all of the blue and red lights on the bridges. One evening we decided to go to a club and we took a cab to the location. We didn’t want to drive, because both of us thought we would probably be drinking. Taking a cab seemed like the best idea. I called a cab company that was listed in the hotel directory. I spoke with the dispatch officer. I told dispatch that I wanted the driver to pick my fiance and I up in front of the hotel. At 7:15, the cab was supposed to meet us outside the hotel. My fiance and I waited and waited, but the cab driver didn’t arrive. We contacted dispatch and they told us that the driver was waiting in the back of the hotel in the parking lot. When we got into the cab, the driver didn’t apologize for the mix-up. The heat in the cab smells like cat pee. The driver had the heat all the way up on the highest setting. It was very cold outside, but the smell was absolutely horrible. When I asked the driver to adjust the heat, he rolled down the window instead of turning down the temperature. My fiance and I did not take the same cab service back to our hotel.

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Cape Town, South Africa