The kinked hose was the reason for the problem

A customer called the repair service because they were having trouble with the air conditioner.

I couldn’t pinpoint the exact error on the phone, but I agreed to perform an evaluation at no cost.

The customer scheduled a repair appointment for later that afternoon. I took the call myself, because I wanted to send all of the other repair technicians home early. It was a Saturday and I didn’t want to pay any more overtime. All of the regular jobs were finished. I arrived at the customer’s address a few minutes before the scheduled appointment. The guy seemed happy to see me early. I started working on the AC issue. I checked all of the regular problems that might keep that air conditioner from working properly. When none of those issues seemed to help, I started looking at all of the electrical and mechanical parts. That’s when I realized that one of the hoses had a kink. The hose was an important part of the system that transfers refrigerant to the heat pump. I replaced the hose and that immediately fixed the problem. The hose was actually very inexpensive to fix and the AC repair didn’t cost more than a hundred bucks. The customer thanked me for helping out and I went home after the repair was over. Everyone got out of work a little early that Saturday. I used the extra time to take my wife out for dinner that evening. We visited a bistro that is usually busy after eight. We got there early and enjoyed the senior specials.
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