The new hire isn’t going to work out

I am in charge of the second shift crew at the HVAC packaging plant. We make several different parts for HVAC machines. We make all of the pressure gauges, hoses, and connections. We also make air filters in another department. We package all of the HVAC supplies in my department. I have a small crew and I am very particular about the staff members that work on my team. Jack has been an employee for the past 15 years. The guy has been on my crew for half of that time. I consider the guy to be a friend, even if I am in charge. When he came to me and asked for a favor, I didn’t hesitate. I was happy to give his son-in-law a job. The kids were recently married and Jack wanted to keep the guy close. He promised that Chad would show up every day on time. The first couple of weeks, things went pretty well. Jack brought the kid to work every morning and they rode together. When Chad started driving himself to work, he ended up late half of the time. I told Jack a couple of times that I wasn’t going to put up with someone that could not show up on time. Punctuality is extremely important to me and I absolutely think it is a sign of respect for your fellow co-workers and your employer. If this guy doesn’t get his act together, he is going to be out the door very soon. I have a stack of employment applications sitting on my desk. I just hate to conduct interviews.

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