We knew we were never going to fight as pros from a young age

To succeed as a boxer, you have to have balls of steel. After the heavyweight champions and prize fighters have made it, then they will have a private gym and personal trainers. But before that happens, they start in little places like our gym. You have to start at the bottom in this sport, show you are hungry and willing to work for it. Such a fighter ends up getting the larger matches. If you have raw talent and want to forge your body and mind into that of a pro fighter, you need a small gym that lacks a cooling unit. At our age we knew we were never going to make it as pros, or even as amateurs, mostly because we made really good money as Heating and A/C experts. Plus, we didn’t have to get punched in the face at all. Still, we liked the scrappy attitude of this gym, and felt the high level of heating in the place kept us finally working harder than ever before. Also we think on some level we liked the irony of working on cooling units all day before going to a sweltering tepid gym to train. We offered to repair the seasoned junky cooling system for the gym owner, Big Lou. But, he admitted that it worked fine. He only ran it late at night, when he was in the place himself, so the same cooling system had been finally working just wonderful for almost twenty years. He just turned off the cooling when the gym was operational.


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