Her friends and family are here

Cate isn’t sure where her home is any more. She’s flying back to the lake house overseas in 7 day. She calls it home however her friends and family are here. Cate has some friends there, however it just isn’t the same as her seasoned friends here who have known her her whole life. She just can’t live here in the state year round any more because it’s too expensive and the traffic. Driving is her main issue with living here in the state, she’s just not able to handle the stress of it. Air conditioning and heating in vehicles makes it more comfortable, however it still doesn’t take away the craziness of driving in heavy rush hour traffic. Maybe when they master self -driving vehicles it will change the game of driving, however until then it is just not fun to do for Cate anymore. She can’t picture being a taxi driver in LA, it’s similar to driving to a job everyday and never getting there. Cate’s flight over here was nice. The cooling system wasn’t too chilly and her row of more than three seats was all for her. She got to put all of the armrests up and lie totally flat along the seats. It was the best overseas flight she has ever been on, truly a lot more comfortable than the people flying in first class. Cate doesn’t imagine going back will be the same though. As long as the Heating and Air Conditioning unit on the plane is not chilly the whole time she doesn’t mind flying.



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Cape Town, South Africa