Jack finds it different from his old buddies who know him so well

Jack isn’t sure where to call home.

He’s flying back home to his loft overseas soon and he calls that home.

But, Jack’s buddies and parents are here. He has some buddies there, however it just isn’t the same as his buddies here who he grew up with. Jack just can’t live here in the state year round any more because of the high cost of living and the traffic. Driving is his main problem with living here in the state, Jack is just tired of the stress of it. HVAC units in cars make it more comfortable, however it still doesn’t eliminate the stress of driving in heavy rush hour traffic. Maybe when people rely on self -driving vehicles it will change the game of driving, however until then it is just hard to drive around. Jack can’t imagine being a taxi driver in NYC, it’s like driving to some place you never reach. His flight over here was cool. The a/c wasn’t too chilly and Jack’s row of several seats was all for him. He got to put all of the armrests up and lie totally flat along the several of them. It was the best overseas flight he has ever been on, really more comfortable than the people flying in first class. He doesn’t know if going back will be the same though. As long as the Heating and Air Conditioning machine on the plane is blasting the whole time Jack doesn’t mind flying.



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