Just Got Hired by the Local Service Provider Overseas

I just got an email from the local business near me where I applied for a job as a clerk in the store to answer customer’s questions.

I am happy because I have been looking for some part time work and this came at just the right time.

I will start when I get back there in a few weeks and will be working about 20 hours a week helping answer questions by customers in the store and on the phone about anything to do with HVAC repair and maintenance. I’ve got a lot of experience in the field but don’t like doing the manual labor anymore so this is the perfect job for me. As long as they speak English I should be able to help them, I could even speak in Spanish a little bit to help the locals who speak zero English. I am good with coming up with homeowner solutions for saving money on heating and cooling costs in the house. I was an engineer and it taught me to come up with solutions to problems in an efficient way. I used to build HVAC equipment a long time ago in the factories but grew tired of all of the paperwork and meetings so I left it and pursued a career in the arts. I still like to work in the HVAC field now and then and this upcoming job helping customers is going to be great. It will give me some socializing each day and also give me some extra money for paying my bills each month.


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