The air conditioning was ideal on my flight here

I’m always at a loss about where home is nowadays. I’m flying back to my condo overseas next month. I call that condo home, however all my favorite people are here. I have some close relations there, but it just isn’t the same as those who are here who have known me since i was a kid. It’s just impossible to live here in the states any more because things are expensive and traffic is madenning. Driving is something I hate doing in the states. I’m just exhausted even thinking about it. Heating and AC units in automobiles makes it more comfortable, however I still hate driving in heavy rush hour traffic. Perhaps when they master self -driving vehicles it will change the game of driving, but until then I can’t get behind the wheel here. The thought of working as a taxi driver in NYC makes me picture driving in endless circles leading nowhere. My flight over here was chill, the AC wasn’t too cold, plus my row of seats was all for me. I enjoyed putting all of the armrests up and lying totally flat along them. It was the best overseas flight I’ve ever been on, actually a lot more comfortable than the people flying in first class. I don’t suppose going back will be the same though. As long as the HVAC device on the plane is not freezing the whole time I look forward to it.

air quality

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Cape Town, South Africa