Looking Forward to our Trip and Some Cooler Weather

Well, I wouldn’t say I am looking forward to the trip itself but I am more looking forward to being back to our other life overseas.

I am going to appreciate the plane ride as much as possible and just relax on the way over as I have to do it regardless of how much I appreciate flying. It’s honestly kind of cozy flying up in a plane where there are no phone calls or traffic jams to worry about, just the quiet buzz of the engines and some cool air conditioner blowing from the small vents above. When I get back I will start working on the Heating plus A/C proposal in our house because it needs to be cleaned after me being gone for a couple of weeks. I just need to clean the filter in it and the vents, which should only take me about an hour to do and after that I am set. I will go to the local grocery store and stock up on the food I eat each day and after that I will hit the beach to see all of our volleyball buddies. I may get a flatmate after a couple of weeks but I am going to work at the Heating plus A/C supplier for a while to see how much cash I have each month for bills. Ideally, I would appreciate to live alone so I can have people over to hang out or even possibly a date here and there if I am lucky. I could also ask the local supplier where I work if they could give me more hours.



heat pump

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Cape Town, South Africa