I think I quit this job

I tried plus tried to adjust to get more AC.

My sibling has a lot of money, which is great for him. He works his butt off plus travels all the time to afford the gorgeous condo that he lives in. I find it funny he works so taxing for his amazing condo to then leave it to me most of the time. I am constantly condo sitting for him. It makes sense because I can easily walk his dog, water his plants, put chemicals in the pool plus make sure there are no stacking packages out front. I get to live the high life at least once a week. Recently our normal stay wasn’t as good. My sibling updated his Heating as well as A/C equipment. Now, suddenly everything is all on a smart pad. What this smart pad thing means is the lights, security cameras, heating, plus cooling are all currently controlled by a single pad. There are tons of buttons that you can press. My sibling gave myself and others a tutorial before he left. He rapidly showed myself and others how I can dim the lights in certain rooms. He apparently now has zone control plus showed myself and others how the whole Heating as well as A/C can be uncommon in each room. He had the A/C cranking in the family room going while there was heating in the family room. He even rapidly adjusted the moisture levels, fan speeds plus all sorts of things from that pad. After he ran through the quick instruction, he left. Well our sibling left everything on low cooling mode, super bright lights plus the cameras on. I tried plus tried to adjust to get more AC. I actually couldn’t turn off any lights. I couldn’t angle the cameras. I had to just try to deal with whatever he set for his house.


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