The baby bump is blasting me with heat

When you get pregnant your entire body temperature goes up… When I learned that online I didn’t think much about it. I actually figured I wouldn’t even notice the difference, however yes, I really do notice it. For a long time our fiance plus I have fought about the air control component settings. For the first time ever I am a little happier with the A/C in the family house. I used to wear long pants plus a jacket. Now I can walk around in shorts plus a t-shirt, however late in the night when our fiance stops and asks if I am sizzling too, sometimes I am! It entirely has been better for our romantic relationship that I want cooling a little more. I am very uneasy that I am definitely going to get even hotter when I get larger. I really didn’t time out that pregnancy very well. I didn’t want to be pregnant in the dead of summer time plus I definitely am going to be. I am going to be 6-8 weeks pregnant while both of us get trapped in the hottest weeks of the year. Being so big is going to odor anyway, just combine that with 90-100 degree heat, that is going to be horrible. I have definitely been considering updating our cooling situation. I want a high velocity central Heating as well as A/C system. Rather than do ductless mini splits all over the house, I specifically want tiny air duct inside our walls to create a whole lake condo temperature, and I know high velocity systems abruptly transfer the air from room to room plus can lower the temperature in seconds. You get both heating plus cooling in this system. I am more interested in the cooling features. I already know this will be very helpful when I am super pregnant plus covered in sweat to death.
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