The floors will be the first to go

The last room in our household that sincerely needs to be gutted is the main bathroom.

Every room has gotten properly updated except that spot.

My fiance plus I are eager to get it done. I don’t want to tear out walls, change the entire layout or create unnecessary work. Been there, done that. I am looking at a tiny disruption plus cost plan. I want to keep the existing vanity plus just update the entire top with granite. I want to redo the laminate floor plus instead have tile. I also want a current tub, shower head plus controls. I also want to carefully redo the shower cement in something that isn’t gray. A fresh coat of paint plus a current window should round the renovation project out nicely. I have been debating on adding heated flooring. The family bathroom isn’t that big. It wouldn’t take several electric heated mats to do it. Also, I figure that having heated flooring in there would be awesome. The Winter season actually isn’t very long, but it does get cold. It would be nice leaving a very moderate bath plus stepping on a heated tile. I also have been debating about going and someday doing heated flooring in our entire house. I realize just adding it in the bathroom would be a good option to start. I could see if I even liked our heating plan under the floor. I won’t be continually redoing our lake condo flooring for another 15 years. So I do have time to slowly ponder our decision. But, it would be nice to experience radiant heating inside the home for the first time. I think I am going to adore it.

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