The fur on this friend is formidable

I am proud of him for knowing his limits plus taking a little indoor a/c break

My terrible cat! The heat is highly intense in our area! Everyday this week is in the 90s plus he is in a dense fur coat. My animal likes being outdoors though. My fiance went and constructed a special animal flap in the family room window so that he commonly can come in plus out as he pleases. My fiance also made animal stairs stretching to the flap so that it is easier for his joints. Basically our animal likes to go out and lay on the front porch in the morning, our side brick pad in the day plus in the middle of the night he likes to walk around plus hunt. He rarely comes inside… Occasionally though he likes to do a treat break where he begs for a snack, eats a bit of food, has a drink plus then goes back outside. He isn’t all that interested in being contained indoors. With the drastic heat he has been taking A/C breaks. I have definitely started to notice that while both of us were in the peak of the day he will simply come inside more often than not for the cooling system. He will squat down on the frigid cement plus just lay there for a bit. The best thing is that I found his favorite spot on the rug is entirely under a single of the vents, so our animal walks over to a prime cooling spot to wisely chill down his fur. I am proud of him for knowing his limits plus taking a little indoor a/c break. While he is inside I try to get him to drink plus to make him linger inside the AC a bit longer, however just sitting under the A/C vent for a second isn’t good. I try brushing him, playing with the string plus petting him a lot to get his fur cooler.
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