The heating system of their dreams isn’t mine

The previous homeowners randomly put a woodstove put into the family room at a single point.

A brick pad was laid down, it was then vented through the wood ceiling plus had a stack on the roof.

It was a fully operational, wood burning heating system. However, the homeowners never used it for heating, merely the purpose of decoration. The plan was clean as a whistle all throughout it. I went and contacted a Heating as well as A/C corporation to see if they wanted the tiny wood burning furnace plus they informed myself and others it wasn’t big enough to heat a whole house. It was more adore a hunting shack heater. Who would bother to put in such an invasive decorative piece plus waste money making it borderline operational? I ripped it out of our condo first thing. I hated that I didn’t have a great spot to put the TV due to the woodstove. I hated the brick pad plus the look of the wood burning heater. I sold the heating plan to a guy that uses it as his little personal heater. I then had a whole mess of stuff to do to clean up the previous heating upgrade before the next could go in. I had to sledgehammer the brick out plus redo the flooring. I had to disconnect the vent plus patch our wood ceiling. I then needed to get roofers in to detach the full stack on the roof plus patch it. It was costly, poor, plus time consuming. All of that was to just try to detach a heating plan that didn’t matter. The homeowners definitely were proud of it.



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