The unit has been a game changer

I am not a technologically savvy man in most cases at all. When my partner suggested increasing our dial control device to a smart one, you know I was afraid. I will admit it, I didn’t know I was smart enough for the control unit. I actually was concerned about downloading the app plus having a heating plus cooling program. I personally figured I would never be able to change my heating plus cooling system. I also didn’t truly love the method of the control device reading what I enjoy plus requiring no input from me after a while. Well my partner pushed plus pushed anyways. He finally got his way plus we have a new control unit. It looks so much better located down my hallway. The silver surround plus red innerface match way better to the decor than the beige plus plastic. The control device alerts me to the outdoor weather whenever I walk by it. I use that feature all the time. I also had no trouble at all utilizing the app. They honestly make it idiot proof. I can change my control device with great ease. Just one click of a button plus I can have AC, heating or change the indoor temperature in the household. I honestly love that I get alerts on issues going on with my Heating plus Air Conditioning. I never forget an air filter change again because the control device tells me to. I get texted about energy efficient settings, overall air quality problems plus humidity in the household. The new control device does so much good. I will never get another style of control device ever again. I know I am going to buy one for my mother.

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