Getting by in home gym without temperature control

My health and physical fitness are important to me.

I make time to exercise for about an hour everyday.

I am fortunate to have a lanai constructed across the back of my house that provides an ideal workout space. The smooth concrete floor and eight-foot ceilings accommodate a variety of exercise equipment and styles of workouts. I can jump rope, lift weights and complete abdominal crunches, lunges, burpees and squats. I have purchased a mini trampoline, incline bench, set of free weights, resistance bands and a yoga mat to help me target different muscle groups. The only drawback of my home gym is that it isn’t temperature controlled. One entire wall is constructed entirely of screens. For most of the year, this is a beneficial feature. The weather in my area is typically mild and balmy, and I enjoy the steady supply of fresh air. It helps to combat the unpleasant smell of sweat and also motivates me. Only at the peak of summer and winter do I struggle because of the temperature in the lanai. The summer conditions can be extremely hot and humid, with temperatures in the nineties or even triple digits. Inside the rest of the house, we rely heavily on the central air conditioning. In the lanai, I run an electric box fan, stand directly in front of it and sweat profusely. It is difficult to get motivated when I feel so overheated and sluggish. Although the winter is always short, we sometimes get temperatures in the forties. Bundling up in layers of clothes makes working out a struggle. I have a hard time warming up my muscles and worry about injury.


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