I like living outside

I decided to make a big change in the past few weeks that I feel good about.

I’m not saying that this is the lifestyle for everyone, but right now I’m living outside on purpose instead of trying to rent an expensive apartment or home.

I guess I realized a while ago that I would rather be outside than any other expensive option… so why the hell was I trying to pay over a thousand dollars a month for a place I didn’t want to be? I could skip the discomfort and live outdoors instead of worrying too much about living in an artificial environment and always bringing myself to more comfortable outdoor spaces. It seemed so simple. All I really needed was some basic temperature control to keep myself comfortable, and the rest would take care of itself. I invested in a small portable fan, a tiny AC unit, and a portable heating device. I also made sure my car heating, cooling, and air quality control system was professionally serviced by a HVAC technician who specializes in automobile HVACs. When the air filters were changed, the AC was recharged, and the thermostat was replaced in my car, I felt confident enough to leave on my journey. I started living in camp sites and parking lots, making sure I had some ventilation and indoor temperature control. It has been surprisingly simple to stay comfortable without a large central heating, cooling, and air quality control system… but I’m not sure that everyone is cut out for the life of a transient human the way my car HVAC system has allowed me to be.

furnace/heater installation

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Cape Town, South Africa