I supplement my income with HVAC

Do you ever need to make some extra cash? I feel like everyone would answer “yes” these days.

With the cost of living always increasing, but wages staying the exact same… things have gotten a bit desperate for most of us normal folks.

Right now it can be hard to find extra money when you need it. That is, unless you hone a few special skills and then learn to leverage them for your own good down the road. I’m saying, try to get into the gig industry and get paid right away, my friend. I learned about basic maintenance on heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment from my oldest brother. He was a professional HVAC technician at the time and he would tell me all about his new clients with large indoor air quality control equipment. He was always dishing to me what people did right and wrong for their indoor temperature control devices, and I was fascinated to learn about high tech AC and furnaces. I didn’t even know about smart thermostats back then before he informed me on the new ventilation control devices. Eventually, he even let me help with some of the routine HVAC maintenance jobs. I did things such as changing air filters and cleaning out air ducts. It was a lot of grunt work to help with these small HVAC tasks, but I can tell you that I learned a lot. These days, when I need money I just offer to clean out some nasty air ducts for my neighbors and closest friends. Most people don’t want to handle the HVAC task themselves and are more than happy to pay me in cash for crawling through their indoor ductwork. Get a few skills and get yourself some extra cash, especially during these hard times.

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