I want to live alone

Instead, we fight about the temperature and bills until the day our lease runs out

I don’t know how you feel about roommate situations, but I feel terrible about them. I can’t say that I have had a great living situation with any other human in my life. There’s always some drama that you don’t see before it’s too late when you’re cohabitating with irresponsible people. And that seems to be the norm in my world. These people act like they’re responsible adults until we’re in the same house, sharing the same heating, cooling, and air quality control system… not to mention, the same utility bills. This is when all the problems start. We always have differing indoor air quality control preferences, from the air temperature all the way down to the humidity levels and the number of times that we’re comfortable changing the thermostat each day. Honestly, I’d rather that we could just agree on one set thermostat program and never touch the indoor air quality control equipment again. I want to establish an energy efficient, conservative indoor temperature control setting program and let the thermostat run the rest of the show. I want someone to take ownership of the indoor air filter changes and basic maintenance requests. I don’t want to be bothered with arguing about the monthly energy bills or the upcoming HVAC repair services that we expect after abusing the heater and cooling system. I think these are pretty reasonable requests, but I’ve never found roommates who have the same HVAC beliefs. Instead, we fight about the temperature and bills until the day our lease runs out. Then we never speak again. Give me the straight forward heating and cooling opinions, leave out the drama.

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